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Final Paper in PA 231 General public Fiscal Operations

Glenne B. Lagura

Gambling || Gambling (Philippine Enjoyment and Game playing Corporation - PAGCor)


Submitted by simply: Glenne W. Lagura

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES BO. OBRERO, DAVAO CITY College of Governance and Organization Master of Public Supervision

April twelve, 2012


Glenne N. Lagura

Outline: I. Launch a) b) c) d) Background of PAGCor Panel of Administrators Management PAGCor's Operational Shows пѓј Sources of PAGCor's salary пѓј PAGCor's earnings пѓј PAGCor's contribution to country building


Discussion a) Where does PAGCor's profits go? b) Corporate Cultural Responsibilities of PAGCor


Analyses a) Interpersonal Problems b) Reduce Revenue? c) PAGCor: Problems and Challenges  Illegal becomes Legal  Aware or perhaps Unaware? or perhaps Aware to get Unaware?  Institutional Problems d) Anomalies  Regulate… Authorize… OBSERVED!  Is definitely gambling a cursed? e) Corruptions f) Recent Problems


Conceivable Solutions and Recommendations a) b) c) d) e) Maintain the Circumstances; PAGCOR to concentrate on its regulating function; Privatization; Abolish and close PAGCOR; and Developed solutions by a study.

Sixth is v. VI.

Bottom line References




A. Background of PAGCor

The part and effects of Government-Owned and Control Corporation (GOCC) on the fiscal position from the government plus the economy remain significant to this day. Despite reforms undertaken during the past, according to the Commission on Examine, there remain around one hundred thirty 3 GOCCs operating in the areas of agriculture, travel, infrastructure, general public utilities, supply of housing, industrial expansion and financial. The depressing performance of many of these organizations has written for the monetary deficits in the public sector. As identified under PD 2029, GOCC is " a stock or a non-stock firm, whether carrying out governmental or proprietary features, which is directly chartered simply by special rules or, in the event organized beneath the general corporation law, is usually owned or perhaps controlled by the govt directly or indirectly through a parent corporation or subsidiary corporation, the extent of at least a majority of the outstanding capital stock or of the outstanding voting capital share. ” Filipino Amusement and Gaming Organization (PAGCor) can be described as 100 percent government-owned and managed corporation. It was established to manage all game titles of chance in the country. It was created in 1977 to oversee the operation of gaming casinos, to generate cash for the government's developing projects, to advertise tourism in the country, and to help curb illegitimate gambling. PAGCor had an initial authorized capital stock of P5 million which was later on increased to P200 , 000, 000. PAGCor is authorized to borrow money by local or foreign sources. Half of PAGCor's earnings will be remitted to the Bureau in the Treasury (BOT) to be used in programs and projects since directed and authorized by the Office from the President of the Philippines. This is certainly aside from the mandated beneficiaries which in turn receive funding from PAGCor. Its leftover funds form part of the Sociable Fund to finance infrastructure and/or socio-civic projects. The organization was created throughout the Martial Legislation years due to a President Decree (PD 1067-A) in response to demands the Philippine Government to set a stop for the growing growth of unlawful casino operations in various regions then. The law creating PAGCor was after amended and consolidated by PD 1896 otherwise known as the PAGCor Rental. Under this Charter, PAGCOR is mandated to:  Regulate, allow and permit games of chance, online games of playing cards and online games of numbers, particularly casino gaming in the Philippines;  Generate revenues for the Philippine Government's socio-civic and national development programs; and  Help promote the...

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A Profile of Selected GOCCs. pdf PAGCOR Annual Record 2010. pdf Presidential Decree No . 1602. pdf

Thesis: Villanueva, C (2008). The Philippine Entertainment and Game playing corporation (PAGCOR) as Govt Regulatorand Agent of Legalized Gambling: Is actually Implications to get national Security. Retrieved March 15, 2012 from

Glenne B. Lagura



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