Dark Travel and leisure Essay

Do the Great things about Dark Travel Outweigh the Morbidity

Maameegate Zheng Jun Cheston

Tay Kai Ren

ENG114 – Section 1006

University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Singapore Campus

Do the Benefits of Darker Tourism Surpass the Morbidity


Dark tourism encourages people to reflect on mortality, bringing these people closer to death (Stone, 2010). It is a great number of history, heritage, tourism and tragedy which plays a significant role in delivering details by bringing the past to provide (Niemelä, 2010). Since the presence of the human race, the visit and encounters associated with death is not a new phenomenon and we have been completely interested and drawn to sites or perhaps attractions linked to misery and death considering that the time of pilgrimages and before (Stone and Sharpley, 2008, p1; Niemelä, 2010, Robb, 2009). This kind of practice was first labelled and coined " dark tourism” by Lennon and Foley (2003: 3 as offered by Robb, 2009, l. 1; Natural stone and Sharpley, 2008). Yet , there have been a large number of variation of identical terms used to define or label the consumption of death-related holiday activities including " thanatourism”, " dark tourism”, " disaster tourism” and " grief tourism” (Stone and Sharpley, 2008; Nimelä, 2010). Over the last century, there is a rise of tourist flocking to sites associated with death and disaster (Yuill, 2003). Staying based on individual misery and death, the upsurge usage of dark tourism includes more than traditional tourism whereby visitors seek to figure out cultures and histories (Robb, 2009). A report done by Lunn (2000: 26) stated that visitation to Titanic naval disaster in two off site exhibitions in Greenwich England and Alantic Halifax revealed that visitor increment over a yearly basis was around 2 . five times "... visitation in 97 had been 112, 600 – 1998 noticed 224, 1000 visitors” (as cited by simply Yuill, 2003). Other than the emotional and educational motive that dark travel and leisure offers within a contemporary contemporary society, death has turned into a taboo due to the inevitable potential that allows that you question sociable frameworks and life (Nimelä, 2010). Gibbons states that ontological protection is a characteristic feature of recent society and it is defined by simply Stone and Sharpley (2008) "... [that] ontological secureness is [the impression of being] constantly threatened by angst of disorder or perhaps chaos. ” (as reported by Nimelä, 2010, pp. 13-14). Society protects everyone directly from disorder and mayhem to preserve the sense of order and continuity of life, yet this would induce fear of the unknown between those who make an effort to bracket the actual equation of death. Nevertheless , despite the taboo-like traits it possesses, the upsurge ingestion of dark tourism demonstrates that the rewards cannot be unheeded and due to its dark nature, it is unavoidable that the supposedly beneficial desired purpose are masked by numerous misconceptions. Backdrop of Dark Tourism

The patronization of dark travel and leisure intensified through the late eighteenth and early 19th hundred years (Seaton 1996) with battle sites constituting to the greatest single category of tourist attractions in the world (Smith, 1998). With dark tourism going up, it is crucial to be familiar with the motives towards the consumption. According to Seaton (1999), dark travel is defined as ‘travelling to spots motivated by desire for actual or emblematic encounters with death, especially, but not entirely, violent death'. With this kind of perspective in hand, dark travel activities may be divided into five categories. See Figure 1 .

Figure 1 . Five Kinds of Dark Travelling Activities

The various Shades of Dark Tourism

A distinction can be made between ‘dark' and ‘darker' tourism based upon the positioning of the internet site or attraction. As darker tourism products are complex, complex in design, purpose and diverse in nature, it makes up about multiple tones. According to Miles (2002) a site that possesses a better degree of personal influence in its design and interpretation will...

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