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Description in the Project

The propose task is the Institution of GS Canteen. This can be a sole proprietorship. It has a floors area of 8x10m2. It is arranged to serve variety of college supplies and goods at reasonable prices.

The capital will be P----- like the land which will cost P------- for its pre-operating period. The primary products from the proposed canteen will be university supplies, dishes and refreshments. The business is going to operate from 9: 00am to 5: 00pm, Monday to Friday. The place is very available to the focus on customers. Position Description

The Establishment of GS Canteen is located by Isabela Condition University-Echague grounds (see Appendix for the vicinity map). The location can be favorable because of the following factors: The location is available to the _____

It is located at _____


Design of the recommended business can be shown within a figure. (see Appendix pertaining to the layout and design) Operating Area

Getting Area

The manager/owner or one of his employees inspects first the ordered products to ensure that most items are effectively received. The inspection need to prioritize the quantity and top quality of the product. Storing Location

This is where goods or materials are stored. It is the work of an worker to ensure that every goods or perhaps supplies happen to be stored effectively. The employee will certainly apply FIFO (First In First Out) stocking treatment to avoid limitations of the stocks and shares and to avoid losses. Screen Area

This can be a area wherever goods happen to be being exhibited. The area for customers to choose or pick all their goods. Home furniture and Accessories



The predicted cost of the building is P____. It has a place of 8x10 m2 having a counter area, store space, display region and dining area. Programs

The electric current of the proposed project will probably be supplied by the ISELCO you (Isabela Electric power Corporation 1) Waste Disposal

Trash cans must be placed exterior and inside the store. Waste materials should be segregated; bio-degradable, low...


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